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Fényképek New Yorkból / Some pics from NYC

Na jó, ez a kép a kiscicámról készült, de klikkoljatok jól, és akkor több képet is találtok. / Actually this picture is made about my kitten, but click and check out some photos about my trip to NYC.

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.05.29.)

DJ Keyser in the studio 1. Amp Fiddler - Love and War (Rough version) (Genuine) 2. Forss - Funk For Nerds (Sonar Kollektiv) 3. Crate Soul Brothers - Flying Down To Rio (the lost & found demo) 4. DJ Gregory - Elle (?) 5. Liquid People - Don't You Go Away (Yellow) 6. Paolo Fedreghini - Please Don't Leave (Schema) 7. Stateless - Bringing Me Down - Agent K remix (Freerange) 8. Phuturistix - Beat Jerky (Hospital) 9. Daniel Magg - Set For Seizure - Ennio Styles mix (Compost) 10. Fertile Ground - The Moment - Seiji mix (Counterpoint) 11. Loose Ensemble - Your Help (no way) (Foundation) 12. Landslide + Alison Crokett - It's Not Over - 4x4 mix (Hospital) 13. Stockholm Cyclo - Music Is All This - Kabuki remix (Head To Toe) 14. Manzel - Space Funk (remix) (Dopebrother Records) 15. The Whitefield Brothers - Sol Walk (Soul Fire) 16. Bobby Hughes Combination - Bobby's Second Warning (Stero Deluxe) 17. Electrosacher - A Blend of Mate (Ohm Records - BIG UP!) 18. Easy Life Natural



A barázdán is csomót! (2003.05.22)

DJ Keyser + DJ Shuriken - Dadaist Deathmatch + Tom Wieland's 3 tunes + Bodoo in da hauz 1. José Mangual - Mai Kinshaa (Turnstyle) 2. Cógele el Golpe - Cachoa y su Cobo (Hitop) 3. Ray Baretto - The Soul Drummers (Harmless) 4.Lluvia con Nieve - Mon Rivera (Hitop) 5. LGT - Rock Yourself (ABC) 6. Bo Diddley - Black Soul (Checker) 7. The Adacement - Stone Folk (Strictly Break) 8. Johnny Harris - Light My Fire (Strictly Break) 9. Mawglee - Dreaming (Tru Thoughts) 10. First Floor Brothers - Signal 106 (Citrona) 11. Francois de Roubaix - Dernier domicile connu - Twitch remake (Universal Jazz) 12. King Britt feat. Bahamadia - Transcend (BBE) 13. DJ Spinna - Glad You're Mine (BBE) 14. Jazzanova - Another Day (Moonstar Remix) (JCR) 15. Stockholm Cyclo - Music is All This (Kabuki remix) (Head to Toe) 16. Francois de Roubaix - Dernier Le mer est grande - Carl Craig mix (Universal Jazz) 17. Max Sedgley - Happy (Irma) 18. Troubleman - Change is What We Need (Progress) (Far Out) 19. Only Chi

Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #103: Russian Soundtracks

Newsflash 16. May 2003 Dear friends, We have been travelling all around the world in the last weeks. Keyser’s long journey started in Bratislava, Slovakia in the end of April. Finally I could hook up with some good guys over there. Bratislava is approximately the same distance as Vienna but we haven’t had any connections over there so far. I would like to thank to Bebe and Kinet their hospitality while I was in town (Kinet runs a very nice small bar) and Tibor (not, not me, another Tibor) for inviting me. I could also meet two very nice and talented guys from Prague, dj Tall and Hoffee. Standa aka Tall also gave me a bunch of cds with fresh Chech music so in the next weeks we can play some stuff from there (man, he mixes broken beat like I have never seen before!) Big up for all you guys. And the thanklist just goes on and on… A week later I had the chance to cross the big ocean for the first time and land in NYC where I have spent my time with the very best guys of the Big Apple. Thr

A barázdán is csomót! (2003.05.15.)

DJs: Keyser, later with Shuriken 1. KG Intro (Striktly Breaks) 2. King Sunny Ade - Penkele (Mango) 3. Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra - Donkey (Afrokings) 4. Skalpel - Sculpture (Ninja Tune) 5. Trevira Modern - Danubian Rhapsody (Ugar) 6. Gang Starr - Skills - Instrumental (Virgin) 7. Waxolutionists - Waterdrops (Sound Conspiracy) 8. Creamshower - Who Got The Key (Sunshine) 9. Planet E - Freeze (Klein) 10. Protassov - Electric Pocket (Switchstance) 11. RTB Big Band - Balkan Express - Panoptikum remix (Cosmic Sounds) 12. First Floor Brothers - Fashionably Late - Thunderball remix (Citrona) 13. Dj Spinna - Rock (Unplugged (BBE) 14. Reuben Wilson - Got To Get Your Own (Chess) 15. Paul Murphy - Soul Call (Latin Dub) (Afro Art) 16. New Sector Movement - Never Been Closer (Virgin) Dub Club in the house (no playlist) 17. Carmel - Biznizzman (Tru Thoughts) 18. Vujicsics Tihamér - Megzenésített zárthelyi dolgozat (Qualiton) 19. Ernie K. Doe - Here Come The Girls(Soul Jazz) 20. Gladys Knight - Who

Sound On Ultra Loud


A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.05.08. 22-00h)

DJ Keyser diggin da crates of NYC 1. K. Fleins Field - Incidental Black Cloth (Strictly Breaks) 2. Joe Henderson / Alice Coltrane - Earth (Milestone) 3. Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem pour un Con (Strictly Breaks) 4. Gang Starr - Skills (Virgin) 5. J-Live - MCee (Coup d'Etat) 6. Raphael Saadiq - Sky's The Limit (Yam Who's Spiritiual Rework) (Yam) 7. Nickodemus & Jay B - Samsara (Mush) 8. Manzel - Space Funk - 7" version (Dope Brothers) 9. Creative Source - Who IS He and What Is He To You (Sussex) 10. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Higher (Polydor) 11. Paul Murphy - Soul Call (Afro Art) 12. Only Child - Loves Reprise (Grand Central) 13. Black Joy - Untitled (E) 14. Metro Area - Orange Alert (Environ) 15. Seiji - Loose Tips (Floorplay) 16. Carmel - Biznizzman (Tru Thoughts cdr) 17. Gregory - Damelo (Faya Combo) 18. RSL - Wesley Music (Players) 19. Mongo Santamaria - Ebora (Atlantic) 20. Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce (Verve) 21. King Sunny Ade - Ja Funmi (Mango)

Turntables On the East River

Na, szerencsésen hazaértem New York-ból. Holnap este mesélek majd egy kicsit a rádióadásban, meg majd a rakás lemezből is játszunk, amit hazahoztam. Itt találtok néhány képet a vasárnap esti hajókázós buliról, ahol Nickodemus-szal és Marianoval játszottam, akik ketten a híres Turntables On The Hudson klubesteket szervezik. Nemsokára tolom a saját képeket is. Yesterday luckily I returned from NYC. Tomorrow evening I'll tell a few stories about the days I spent there (in Hungarian, but soon you can read the stories in our next newsletter in English). You can find a few pictures here about the Sunday Night Cruise party where I played with Nickodemus & Mariano who are responsible for organising the famous Turntables On The Hudson nights. Later I will upload some pics that I shot too.

A barázdán is csomót! (2003.05.01. 22-00h)

Sziasztok, a múlt héten a Crate Soul testvérek a világ különböző tájain (Keyser New York-ban, Shuriken Szarajevóban, Erik Sumo az Amorf Ördögökkel romániai turnén) tartózkodtak, így végre teljes egészében le tudtuk játszani kedvenc dj-nk, Tom Wieland (a Les Gammas együttes dj-je) szokásos havi rádióműsorát. Hallgassátok szeretettel! Trans Europa Express 6 - 4.2003 T.E.E. 6 a break beat boogie! by tw Time: 59.42 1. ONE WAY: didn´t you know it (mca) 2. LES NUBIANS+ TALIB KWELI: temperature rising (gabriel rene mix) (omtown music) 3. JAZZANOVA: the one tet (DJ DSL mix) (jcr white) 4. THE DINING ROOM: la citta nuda (schema) 5. QUANTIC: search the heaven (att jazz mix) (tru thoughts test) 6. RIMA: o vento dira (feat. Cida de Assis) (jcr test) 7. THIS INFORMATION: galaxy blues ( pinacolada) 8. TECHNOZOIDE: esfera (feat. Rosy Aragao) (sambaloco) 9. ALEX PHOUNTZI & VANESSA FREEMAN: make it right (sp.wheel white) 10 RUSS GABRIEL: spin 2 (spinning wheel white) 11. HEAL : bubblin (