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A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.06.19. 22-00h)

TRANS EUROPA EXPRESS presented by TOM WIELAND LES GAMMAS (Compost Records) T.E.E 7 A may day issue! 01. THE FOREFRONT: frump trump (rml) 02. YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND + TALIB KWELI: ya´ll stay up 03. AARIES + ROOTS: baby this love (test) 04. D`ANGELO: me and those dreaming eyes of mine (def squad mix) (emi) 05. LONDON ELEKTRICITY: fast soul music (hospital white) 06. DVD 001 (white) 07. UNDACUT: change my life (mb) 08. BLACKALICIOUS: alphabet aerobics (cut chemist mix)(mo wax) 09. CHRIS FINGUZ + SIOBHNA GALLAGHER: why do we do (hopspital -outpatients 3) 10. INFEKTO: my groove (hospital - outpatients 3 test) 11. RE :JAZZ + LINDA CARRIERE: people are running (les gammas rmx) (infracom test) 12. LOP NOR: eclipse (ecco chamber white) T.E.E 7 B inspiration information - may day issue 01. RIMA: vidigal (jcr) 02. MOMBASA: saha (spiegelei) 03. EBO TAYLOR: heaven (soundwayrec.) 04. MANU DIBANGO: Angola (fiesta) 05. SEAWIND: free (a+m) 06. JAZZINHO: astral (ecco chamber test) 07. INCOGNITO + ED MOTT

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Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #104: The freak of the century

Newsflash 17. June 2003 Dear friends, the summer is here for a while and all the pretty girls out side on the streets of Budapest walk along in almost no clothes. Crazy times, we almost get heart attack in every minute! The wild gorillas (as known as the Crate Soul Bros) have been doing some new projects which are secrets yet, what we can say now is that hopefully we will finish the very first Crate Soul Brothers tune after all those remixes. And you can imagine how we work when you know that we finish a demo which Erik Sumo and Keyser started about 4 years ago and almost forgot about it although there was some time when Nicola Conte asked us frequently when we finish this stuff. Now we’ll do. It has been extremely hot in the last weeks here. Also, my friend Shuriken just been cured from some serious illnesses. So please forgive him that he chose this short reading to this newsletter. :) I bet you still don’t know why MJ went all white. Nina Simone (R.I.P.) was not afraid to tell her

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.06.12. 22-00h)

Deejayz: Keysur & Shir Kan 1. The Matthew Herbert Big Band – Fiction (Accidental) 2. Re:Union – Time Is Tickin (Sonar Kollektiv) 3. Red Astaire – Follow Me (GAMM) 4. Sunshine Anderson – Heard It All Before (Rebtuz) 5. The Whitefield Brothers – Thunderbird (Soul Fire) 6. Eddie Bo – Hook ’n’ Sling (Soul Jazz) 7. Peggy Lee – Spinning Wheel (Capitol) 8. Novi Singers – Five, Four, Three (Muza) 9. DJ Spinna – Tune You Out (BBE) 10. Only Child feat. Kriminul – Memories (Grand Central) 11. Dilated Peoples – The Main Event (ABB) 12. J-Live – 3 Out of 7 (Coup d’Etat) 13. Nostalgia 77 – The Goat (Tru Thoughts) 14. Arrested Development – Fishin For Revolution – remix (Stateside) 15. Recloose – Ain’t Changin’ (!K7) 16. Quantic – Off The Beaten Track – Carmel remix (True Thoughts) 17. Alison David – Dreams – Afronaught remix (Universal) 18. Metro Area – Machine Vibes (Source) 19. Stateless – Bringing Me Down – Agent K mix (Freerange) 20. Jazzanova – Mwela Mwela – King Britt remix (JCR) 21. Baby

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