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"A crate of beer betyder en back öl, ändå känns backsjälsbröder som en felaktig översättning av den ungerska trions artistnamn. Crate Soul Brothers gör i alla fall grym dansmusik." Hogy mindez mit jelent, ne kérdezzétek, mindenesetre itt található egy svéd cikk a kis csapatunkról (majd Shuriken barátom jól lefordítja, ha ráér, végre valamire használhatjuk a svéd nyelvtudását). Don't ask what all of these means, anyway, here is a Swedish article about our little crew (maybe Shuriken will translate it if he has a little time). Thanks for your job, Jonas!

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.09.25. 22-00h)

PLAYLIST FOR 25/09/2003 TRANS EUROPA EXPRESS presented by TOM WIELAND LES GAMMAS (Compost Records) first hour: 01. MISSY ELLIOT: I can´t stand the rain (test) 02. ROY HARGROOVE: poetry (dj spinna mix) (verve) 03. THE STRANGE FRUIT PROJECT: all the way (kajmere) 04. LTJ EXPERIENCE: ordinary guy (irma) 05. SUNAGA T EXPERIENCE: and it all goes round + round (readymade) 06. MAW : 7´s (white) 07. STONE INC.: la boca del rio (cuica latino clash rmx) (schema) 08. STEPPAH HUNTA: walk this step (seji dub) (compost) 09. PHUTURISTIX: stop it (hospital white) 10. PLEASURE: jamming with pleasure (harmless.VA 4 hero:lifestyles) 11. HEATWAVE: raise a blaze (epic) 12. RED ASTAIRE: rollin´stone (gamm test) second hour: Presented by Junja Ushijima ; blue dance 01. MARIA BETHANIA : Carcara (RCA.Bra) 02. PALMEIRA : Baixa De Sapateio (A.N.S.Holland) 03. STARCROST : Quicksand (Fable.USA) 04. RALPH LUNDSTEN : Cosma Nova (EMI.Swe) 05. MODEM : Lonely Bird (Yaka.USA) 06. VYTAS BRENNER : Cello Del Avila (Disco

Crate Soul Pressure újra!

Jöjjön egy kis szemérmetlen marketing: E hét péntektől, azaz szeptember 26-tól újraindul a Crate Soul Pressure klub-sorozat: minden második hétvégén a Tilos Rádió szabadstílusú dj-válogatottja - Keyser, Shuriken, Erik Sumo (ők hárman alkotják a számos külföldi kiadónak zenéket és remixeket készítő Crate Soul Brothers formációt), valamint Lee n’ Gum – táncoltat este 10-től hajnalig. A helyszín a Műcsarnok aljában található bisztró, a terítéken pedig a szokásos zenei menü: funk, jazz, soul, afrobeat, latin jazz, boogie és amit akartok – régi, poros lemezek és a legújabb fekete bakelitek. A házigazdák az elkövetkező estékre hazai és külföldi vendégeket is hívnak majd a világ minden pontjáról. Műcsarnok (XIV., Hősök tere) Minden második pénteken 22-04h Rezidens dj-k: Keyser, Shuriken, Erik Sumo, Lee n’ Gum Vizuál: Lee Unflyable 2003.09.26.: Crate Soul Pressure - grand opening party belépő: 500HUF 2003.10.10.: Crate Soul Pressure - vendég: Enes Haracic (Radio3 - Szarajevó) belépő: 500HUF 20

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.09.18. 22-00h)

DJs: Keyser & Shuriken 1. Stanley Clarke - Unexpected Days (Polydor) 2. Ronnie Foster - Mystic Brew (Stricktly Break) 3. Shurik'n - Samurai (Delabel) 4. KG Intro (Stricktly Break) 5. Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy (Stones Throw) 6. TM Juke feat. Bread and Water - Get It Together (Tru Thoughts) 7. Reel People - Steppin' (Papa) 8. WWO - Krew Zemi Sol (Terrorist?) 9. The Detroit Experiment - Baby Needs New Shoes (Planet E) 10. Hipnosis - Black Forest Stomp (Perfect.Toy) 11. 2 Banks of 4 - Banks of the Nile (Red Egyiptian Jazz) 12. Jazzanova - The One-Tet (JCR) 13. Herbie Hancock - Rockit (CBS) 14. Todd Sines - Cum Closer (C2 mix) (Planet E) 15. Moonstarr - Dust - Todd Sines remix) (PTR) 16. Transporter - ? (Crippled Dick Hot Wax) 17. Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie & Clyde - Herbert mix ( ) 18. Henry Mancini - Shot In The Dark (RCA) 19. Moonstarr - Greed (Moonstarr Remix) (Compost) 20. Federic Galliano - Plis Infinis No4 (F-Com) 21. Tweak presents Sharon Harris - Generations

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.09.11. 22-00h)

1. 2 Banks of 4 - Two Miles Before Dawn (Red Egyiptian Jazz) 2. Easy Access Orchestra - Herbaliser remix (Irma) 3. Reel People - Positive Over Negative (Papa) 4. RPM - 2000 (MoWax) 5. Bonobo - (Ninja Tune) 6. FOP - Doombap (Universal Jazz) 7. Stan Clarke - Bass Folk Song (Polydor) 8. United Future Organization - United Future Airlines (Palm Skin Productions Remix) (Talking Loud) 9. Moonstarr - Movin' On - Remix (Public Transit) 10. Eva Be - Below (Sonar Kollektiv) 11. Ennio Morricone - Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene - Alex Attias Mustang mix (Compost) 12. Steppah Huntah - Seiji's Black Forrest Gateaux (Compost) 13. Alison David - Dreams Come True - BITA mix (Goya) 14. Chosen2 - To Be Free (Do Right!) 15. Reel People - Second Guess - RP club mix (Papa) 16. Sidewinder - Less Than Effortless (Soulpatrol Afrolicius mix) (Fentik) 17. Mr. Scruff & Quantic - It's Dancing Time (Tru Thoughts) 18. dZihan & Kamien Orchestra - Homebase (Couch) 18. Madlib - Slim's

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.09.04. 22-00h)

Djs: Shuriken & Keyser 1. Madlib - 6 Variations of In The Rain (Stones Throw) 2. Rareforce - Ham 'n' Eggs Easy (Under 5's) 3. TM Juke - Map One (Tru Thoughts) 4. Indy & Wich - Téma (Mad Drum) 5. Bolesna Braca + Nered - Mamuti (Terorist?) 6. The Jonzun Crew - Space Cowboy (Sugarhill) 7. Modul - Da Boss (Chi) 8. Seiji - Loose Lips (Bitasweet) 9. Seiji - Loose Lips (Instrumental) (Bitasweet) 10. Phuturistix - Beautiful (Bugz In The Attic Rmx) (Hospital) 11. Da Lata - Golden (Bugz In The Attic Mix) (Palm Pictures) 12. Fertile Ground - The Moment (Seiji Mix) (Counterpoint) 13. Joakim Lone Octet - Melting Blue Ice (Seiji rmx) (Future Talk) 14. Zero7 - Distractions (Bugz In The Attic Mix) (Ultimate Dilemma) 15. Dom Um Romao feat. Ithamara Koorax - Lake of Perseverance (Opaque Rmx) (Head-2-Toe) 16. Bugz In The Attic - Zombie 2003 (Bitasweet) 17. Seiji - Into The Now (2000 Black) 18. Macy Gray - When I See Ya (Bugz in The Attic Rmx) (Sony) 19. Bonobo - Pick Up (Ninja Tune

Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #106: Earth Is The Place

Newsflash 1. September 2003 Dear friends, Sun Ra said ”space is the place”, but when you can’t get anywhere near the Saturn, you hang around with cool cats on planet Earth. Not long ago, our search for friendly Terrestials took Keyser to Bratislava, where he met with a twenty-five years old Czech, Standa in the dj booth. A cosmic link was immediately established and we pretty soon found ourselves in Prague rocking a massive crowd in Bar Acropolis, a small venue with a huge vibe to it. Standa is better known in and around the country as DJ Tall. Believe us, he is not a short man by any measures. And such a friendly gentleman indeed: he has arranged us a flat in hip Zizkov, an airy hill with a tripped out TV tower (that is being conquered by mutant cliff-hanger alien babies), great parks and several temples of Praha golden beer. Acropolis was jut around the corner, and it took us ten minutes of relaxed walk to get to the studios of Radio 1. The station is the local source of independent