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A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2004.03.25. 22-00h)

on the 1&2s: dj Keyser 1. Sena feat. Marcel - Talk (Gimmeshot) 2. London Elektricity - Rewind (live) (Hospital) 3. Amp Fiddler - Possibilities (Genuine) 4. DJ P-Nice - Small Stone Houses (Naked Beats) 5. Blockhead - Insomniac Olympics (Ninja Tune) 6. Danny Breaks - Down By Law (Alphabet Zoo) 7. Marcel feat. Conrad - I Like To Tell Ya Things (Cookin) 8. Lomb - unknown (cdr) 9. 7 Samurai - Bluesanova (GAMM) 10. 12th Floor - Take It Back (Wah Wah) 12. Red Astaire - The Get Down (GAMM) 13. The Mighty Gorilla - A Charmed Funk (bootleg) 14. Grooveman Spot - Voyage The Sky - Grooveman Spot remix (Kriztal Entertainment) 15. Bergendy Group - The Right Direction - The Mighty Gorilla reedit (cdr) 16. Forms of Plasticity - Doombap - Crate Soul Brothers remix (Universal Jazz) 17. Zagar - Bossa Astoria - Erik Sumo rework (UGAR) 18. Crate Soul Brothers - Flyin' Down To Rio (Perfect.Toy) 19. The Five Corners Quintet - The Devil Kicks (Ricky Tick) 20. Joe Nay & Fritz Pauer - Beta Drac

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2004.03.18. 22-00h)

djs: Shuriken + Keyser 1. Grencsó Surprise Kollektiv - Marabu / Dzsungel (KVB) 2. Fitchie + Joe Dukie - This Room (Best Seven) 3. Amp Fiddler - Unconditional Eyes (Genuine) 4. Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean (Payday) 5. Danny Breaks - Another Dimension (Alphabet Zoo) 6. Blockhead - Carnivores Unite (Ninja Tune) 7. Only Child feat. Kriminul - I've Got A Right (Grand Central) 8. J-Zone - Zone for President (Old Maid) 9. Marcel - Gamblers' Delight (Cookin) 10. Sena - Demon (Gimmeshot) 11. Shabaam Shadeeq - Side 2 Side (SSR) 12. Red Astaire - B-Boy (GAMM) 13. Zalatnay Sarolta - Adj egy percet (Pepita) 14. Blackgrass - Score (Catskills) 15. Hans Koller - The Twister (Moonstarr Remix) (Universal Jazz) 16. Marcel - This is Deep (Cookin) 17. V/A-Inside Scandinavia - A1 (Raw Fusion) 18. Johny Darkos - Supreme Love (GAMM) 19. Herbert - The Audience (!K7) 20. The Mighty Bop - L'Homme Qui Valait 3 Milliards (BMG) 21. United Future Organization - Dice For A Chance (Talkin Loud) 22. Jackso

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2004.03.11. 22-00h)

DJ "Lonely" Keyser sings the blues 1. Fat Freddy's Drop - Ernie (Best Seven) 2. DJ P-Nice - Needle's Drop (cdr) 3. Amp Fiddler - I Believe In You (Genuine) 4. Red Astaire - Rollin' Stone (GAMM) 5. Sebi - Git Down (GAMM) 6. Danny Breaks - Down By Law (Alphabet Zoo) 7. Biggabush - Throwdown (Stereo Deluxe) 8. Erik Sumo vs Haze - Drakula (cdr) 9. Marcel - Jealous (Good Looking) 10. Sena - Bigface (Gimmeshot) 11. Beans - Mutescreamer - Prefuse 73 mix (Warp) 12. Black Grass - Easy (Catskills) 13. Speech Defect - I Wanna Do My Thing (GAMM) 14. Johnny Darkos - Wargames (GAMM) 15. Crate Soul Brothers - Swinging with Miss Goodnight - Modul rmx (Ohm) 16. Lomb - unknown (cdr) 17. Jerome Richardson - Minor Flute - Panoptikum remix (Cosmic Sounds) 18. Forms of Plasticity - Doomdap - Crate Soul Brothers mix (Universal Jazz cdr) 19. Janko Nilovic - Giant Locomotion - Simbad mix (Cosmic Sounds) 20. Inverse Cinematics - Shoot The Pianist Pt 1 (Fluid Ounce) 21. Beanfield fe

The Herbaliser + Hipnosis @ Sound On Ultra Loud

2004. március 27., 22-04h Budapest, A38 állóhajó Belépő: elővételben 2000 Ft (Deep, Trancewave, A38) / a helyszínen 2400 Ft Infovonal: (06-1) 464-3940 Jake Wherry (The Herbaliser / Ninja Tune / London) Hipnosis (Perfect.Toy / München) – élő koncert Keyser & Shuriken (Crate Soul Brothers) Visuals: Lee Unflyable & Kiégő Izzók A Sound On Ultra Loud klubesteket a Crate Soul Brothers kollektíva –Keyser, Shuriken, Erik Sumo & Lee n’gum – és az A38 közösen szervezi. Az estek célja, hogy olyan nemzetközi és hazai dj-ket, illetve zenekarokat mutassunk be, akik mind a különféle elektronikus zenei stílusokban, mind az ezek alapjait jelentő jazz, funk, soul, afrobeat, latin jazz, brazil és egyéb zenék terén otthonosan mozognak. Jake Wherry (The Herbaliser) A Herbaliser ötlete a mackós Jake Wherry és a lemezjátszóista ufó Ollie Teeba fejéből pattant ki hosszú évekkel ezelőtt. Az 1960-as évek kémfilmzenéin, mocskos funkon, forgalmi zavarokat okozó hangerővel bömbölő hip hop-on nev

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2004.03.04. 22-00h)

DJz: Keyser & Shuriken + special guest Suhaid 01. Blockhead - Tryptich Pt 3 (Ninja Tune) 02. Overproof Soundsystem - Herb Dub (Different Drummer) 03. Al-Haca Sound System feat. RQM - We Sick (Different Drummer) 04. Marcel - Solitudo 3 (Cookin) 05. Black Grass - Score (Catskills) 06. Erik Sumo vs Haze - Drakula (cdr) 07. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Side 2 Side (Crammed Discs) 08. Omega - A jövendőmondó (Pepita) 09. Cheech and Chong - Vietnam (Warner) 10. DJ First Rate - 11 Hits From the Bong Loop (Second To None) 11. Akbar - Driftin' Thru Space (Ill Boogie) 12. Prince Paul - What You Got (The Demo) feat. Breeze (Tommy Boy) 13. Blockhead - Carnivores Unite (Ninja Tune) 14. Kid Loco - Alone Again So (Yellow) 15. Marcel feat. Conrad - I Like To Tell Ya Things (Cookin) 16. Donald Byrd - Black Byrd (Blue Note) 17. Zagar - Bossa Astoria - Erik Sumo remix (UGAR cdr) 18. Crate Soul Brothers - Flyin Down To Rio (Perfect.Toy) 19. Forms of Plasticity - Doomdap - Crate Soul Brothers rmx (Universal J

Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #110: A deep groove that makes you fly high

Dear friends, Just when you thought we were gone, we are back with another newsletter. Judging by our first two months you shall not be afraid of Crate Soul news blocking your mailbox in 2004. Instead of following the time as measured by expensive Swiss watches with posting our good news from Hungary, this year we'll take you by surprise each and every time. But the unpredictable, rare and delicate moments of hungarospam will keep on coming. Thing are looking good indeed. Working hard last autumn and winter on promoting events seems to finally have caught the attention of a new generation of people. Boys and girls in their early twenties started coming to our nights and bugging out to slow funk and syncopated jazz beats. In the last few months we had excellent nights with fabulous dj guests such as Rainer Trüby, Quantic, Mad Mats and Nicola Conte and more and more hundreds of people going mad on the dancefloors. Thank you guys for all those brilliant music! There is more to come. T