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A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2005.11.24. 22-00h)

DJ Keyser

+ exclusive live interview with TY (Big Dada / UK)

The Mighty Ty

Blue Light

Rare Gems From Hungarian Vaults Vol 2 - compiled by Keyser & Shuriken

"A great counterpart to the first volume of rare 60s Hungarian jazz from Cosmic Sounds - as this one has more of a 70s focus, and an overall sound that's more concentrated in funk! During the 70s, the Hungarian scene picked up a lot of the heavier fusion influences from the rest of Europe at the time - but in a way that often had rock groups hitting a lot more jazzy overtones too, playing instrumentally and jamming nicely on some of the funkiest tracks on their albums. The cuts on this set really get at that sort of groove very well - and demonstrate the surprising amount of funky material that was coming out of Hungary at the time - work that was often driven by a more progressive jazz influence, but which came out stepping with a really in the pocket groove to rival the best American fusion work of the time!"
(Dusty Groove)

"Following the predominantly 60s oriented "Hungarian Jazz Anthology," Cosmic Sounds progress to the sounds of the 70s with the follow-up collection. The influences of electricity and rock are more keenly felt, such as on Kis Rakfogo's "Kemenysepro", Andor Kovacs' gypsy vibes and Mini's insane jungle jazz, although there's still room for more serene music with Debrecen Jazz Group."
(Picadilly Records)

RTB BIG BANDも大好評、旧ジャズ音源復刻には定評があるCOSMIC SOUNDSがおくるハンガリー産レアジャズコンピ第2弾!今回はCRATE SOUL BROTHERSによるセレクトで70年代のエレクトリックジャズ/レアグルーヴ中心。KIS RAKFOGOによる9分に及ぶ最高のキラージャズグルーヴ、レアグルーヴ市場でも人気が高いスリリングなホーンがうなるBERGENDY、ALADAR PEGEによるサンバフュージョンタッチ、再発もされたDIMENZIO、MINIの強烈ラテンブレイクなど全9曲。クラブ映えもバッチリな激レア傑作トラックずらりの驚異の1枚!
(Arch Records)

"Big up Tibi and Gabor...Got the 12"s from Cosmic Sounds the other day. Sounding lovely guys. Respect!"
Pete Yak (Straight No Chaser / iDJ - London)

"Cosmic Sounds London drop two stunning collections of rare jazz bizness from Hungary. Volume one was compiled by Tom Weiland, the second by Keyser & Shuriken and all have done a bang-up job of picking some very dope tracks. Definitely keep your eyes out for these two new gems."
David Bassin (FreeFall - San Francisco, CA)

"Someone’s upset the nice folks at Cosmic Sounds, cos they’re about to open 2 cans of Hungarian ‘whoopass’ on an unsuspecting public! These tracks easily equal and in some ways surpass tracks on those first Cosmic Sounds ‘Rare Gems’ compilations - and make no mistake, they were massive! Just try and stop me playing all the tracks…"
Sammy Goulbourne (New Style Radio 98.7FM - Birmingham, UK)

"Excellent as always. Played them out and of course the heads came running :-)"
Simon Harrison (Basic Soul - Leeds, UK)

"When you think you have touched every coner of the music along comes this unbelievable product. My ears are honoured."
Steve Williams (

"Lots of my favourite Hungarian jazz tunes on these, and plenty more that I've never heard before. I should just give these tracklistings to my Hungarian record dealer as a wants list! Tom Wieland and the Crate Soul Brothers prove themselves to be deep collectors as well as great producers and DJs. I've played quite a few of these tunes on Stylin now: Theme of Ahmed Jamal, Behind the Csitari Mountains, Kemenysepro and Bamba."
Ennio Styles (Stylin' radio show - Sydney, Australia)

"Nice work chaps. Some REAL deep jazzy bits. You can really heard the loving attention put towads this compilation. Great work fellas!!"
Diesler (Tru Thoughts, UK)

Let me introduce the label, Cosmic Sounds (London) they have this habit of releasing quality music - especially from the massive musical spectrum that we call "Jazz". Two excellent various artist albums to check and source, are "Hungarian Jazz vol 1. - Anthology" compiled by the man who should know, Tom Wieland and "Blue Light 2" compiled by Keyser & Shuriken from the Crate Soul Brothers - "Rare Gems From Hungarian Vaults" it says on the sleeve notes. It comes down to this. We have just barely touched the surface in finding and acquiring beautiful music from planet Earth. It is always a pleasure to be diggin' and discover or unearth a gem from a country that you know little about, or how the music (in this case Jazz - Latin/Soulful/Funky Jazz folks) played such a crucial part in releasing a feeling of "free expression" that you and I probably always took for granted. Listen to these two albums, check how some of the standards and classics we love, are interpreted, changed and rearranged - again. These cats from Hungary had somethin' going on back in the day and I'm seriously grateful to be hearing these artists for the first time.
Paul Gamblin (Black & Blue Radio Show, RTRFM 92.1 - Australia)

Also supported by:
DJ Ben G (Right On FM - Longeville-Les-Metz, France)
Robert Lochmann (Souljazzmeeting @ Radio X - Frankfurt, Germany)
Tatomir Toroman(Transglobal Jazzlounge - Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro)
Jazzmate (Balanço radio show - Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro)
DJ BNX (Zimpala - Bordeaux, France)
Simone (Jazz it up!!!)
Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s - London, UK)
BGYSS (B-92 - Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro)
Mr. Scruff (Hot Pot radio show / Ninja Tune - Manchester, UK)
Manu Boubli (Comet / Mind - Paris, France)
Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts / Zebra Traffic - Brighton, UK)

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2005.11.10. 22-00h)

DJ Shuriken

Bocsánat, de nincs számlista / sorry no playlist this time

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2005.11.03. 22-00h)

DJ Keyser

1. Anca Parghel & Mircea Tiberian - Beyond The Horizon (Electrecord)
2. Dan Mindrila - Dolphine Dance (Electrecord)
3. Richard Oschanitzky - Double Concerto (Electrecord)
4. Juju - Contradiction (Black Fire)
5. The Awakening - Mode for D. D. (Black Jazz)
6. Bhakti Jazz - Eastern Mood (Spinning Wheel)
7. Makám - Keleti Pu. (Hungaroton)
8. Marc Mac - In Tune For God (Omniverse)
9. Marc Mac - Urban Blues (Omniverse)
10. Trishes - Microgroove Me (Beattown)
11. Ghost - Alien Invasion - intrumental (Breakin Bread)
12. Whizz - Time Is Passin By (Beattown)
13. Slum Village - 2u4u (SVUR)
14. Sofa Surfers - White Noise - Kid Loco remix (Klein)
15. Bankos - Sehol se jobb (demo)
16. Quantic Soul Orchestra feat. Alice Russel - Follow Me (Left & Right) (Rebtuz)
17. Panoptikum - Black Land of Nile (Deja Vu)
18. Diesler - City of God (Tru Thoughts)
19. Kieser.Velten - Stormy Monday - Dublex INC. remix (Poets Club)
20. Stereotyp - Um-Dois-Tres - Dub Club remix (G-Stone)
21. Champion Soul - Holdin On - SpyMusic remix (Sunshine Enterprises)
22. Alice Russell - Remember To Forget (Tru Thoughts)
23. Peca - Korán van (cdr)
24. Soil & Pimp Sessions - A Waltz for Goddess (Victor)