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A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.07.24. 22-00h)

DJs: Keyser & special guest Paine

Paine pénteken, azaz ma este a Mokka Cukában játszik, csekkoljátok!

1. Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra - Donkey (Afrokings)
2. Love & Salt feat. Stamina Li – Un Tour Du Monde – Vocal (Jessica Lauren)
3. I Maniaci Dei Dischi - Tracklisten (cdr)
4. Arkestra One - Seu Paraiso - Crate Soul Brothers remix (Cosmic Sounds)
5. Electrosacher - Evenings - Paine mix (Ohm)
6. Dorothy Ashby - Wane and Wax (Cadet)
7. Madlib - Please Set Me At Ease (Hip Hop mix) (Blue Note)
8. Rob Swift feat. Bob James + D-Styles - Salsa Scratch (Table Turn)
9. Crate Soul Brothers - Flying Down (cdr)
10. I Maniaci Dei Dischi - Ganjaben (cdr)
11. Rosie Brown - Bliss (Quantic Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
12. Paine - Messaggi Segreti (Temposphere)
13. Amorf Ördögök - Tündérdomb - Erik Sumo remix (UGAR)
14. Quantic - Not So Blue (Paine Remix) - (cdr)
15. Rima - This World - Instr. (JCR)
/ MAW - MAW Expensive (MAW)
16. Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From Spartacus (Prestige)
17. Lorez Alexandra - Send In The Clowns (Jazzman 7)
18. Jon Lucien - And It Goes All Round (Columbia)
19. Dre Love - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (cdr)
18. Whitefield Brothers - Witch-Jam (Soul Fire)
19. Paine feat. Dj Fonx - Bene (Temposphere)
20. Dwele - Too Fly (cdr)
21. Erykah Badu - On & On (Natural Self mix) (Rebtuz)

Crate Soul Pressure vs Soulsugar

Szombat este komoly buli vár ránk a Mokka Cukában. Gyertek, ha nem a négy fal között akartok rohadni, hanem a Szigeten a sáskajárás előtt egy utolsó jó kis bulit akartok csapni.

Crate Soul Pressure meets Soulsugar
Belépő: ingyenes
Andreas Kinzl aka DJ Scott (Aromabar / Soulsugar)
Keyser (Crate Soul Brothers)
Lee 'n Gum (Tilos)

Itt hallgathattok meg tőle egy régebbi mixet.

DJ Scott aka Andreas Kinzl (member of Aromabar/Telemark):

Working in the Viennese Clubscene since 1989 Andreas Kinzl aka DJ Scott contributed to the town’s unique clubsound flavor by consequently collecting and spinning old and modern Soul, Funk, Afro, Latin- and Brasil-records. His residences at EarthPower, Transglobal, Morgenrot, AmbientSunset and Hot Sauce are legendary going down in a storm and hypnotizing the audiences. Early 1996 he started working on his own productions experimenting in a small studio in the outskirts of Vienna. It was not long after that he founded AROMABAR co-producing with Roland Hackl and Karin Steger. Besides that touring Aromabar live, djing in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Turkey, Netherland and Slovakia and spinning radio shows for various stations in Germany and Austria kept him busy. Right now he is regulary spinning at Soul Sugar which is recently one of the most famous european retroclubs. At the moment he´s working on Aromabar´s third album and of course some new Telemark stuff is finished and will be released soon.

Get yourself connected and listen to:

Damage (XXX-Rec.1997)
Sabor Disco (Free Party/Sony 97)
Telephone (12“Infracom 98)
Yuri in space (7“ Infracom 98)
Where is your moon (12“Infracom 99)
Sparkling beauty (12“Infracom 99)
Conspyration EP with Marschmellows (12“Infracom 99)
One (1st Album-Infracom 99)
Little brother (12“Infracom 99)
Sweetness of Joy (12“Infracom 00/Rank 1 German Clubcharts)
It´s all life (Automatique/Delicious Tunes 01)
Voiceless Messenger/Come Back (12“Infracom 01)
Milk and Honey (2nd Album/Infracom 02)
All I want part 1 (12“Infracom 02)
All I want part 2 (12“Infracom 02)

Trash - Freedom Satellite (Sony/Columbia 99)
Sabor - Hacienda (Infracom 00)
You sure look good to me - Bill Evans feat.Les McCann (ESC Rec.00)
Soul Samba - Freedom Satellite (Vienna Scientists 01)
Smile - Dzihan & Kamien (Couch Rec.01)
Visions of delight - Syncope (Soundlab Ent.02)
Be still my heart - Silje Nergaard (Universal 02)
Once in my life - Carouge (Ecco Chamber 03)

Playground Vol.3 (Ecco Chamber 01)

To learn from you (Ecco Chamber 01)
Mission EP (Pulver Rec.02)

Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #105: Do The Monkey

Newsflash 18. July 2003

Dear friends,

Time flies and we are boiled alive as the heatwave hits Budapest again. It’s been almost a month since we visited the UK with the lame cover activity of attending conferences, but ended up spending more time in record stores, bars and clubs than in those air-conditioned meeting halls. Big up to Dom ”Big Pants” ”silly as a five years old mouse organ” Servini for letting us spin at The Retreat in Islington, Gerry O’Rourke for the bar gig in the spaced out interior of the Cafeteria in West London (giving us a ride home cane as a lifesaver of a surprise), dj Vadim for lending us his portable turntable and letting us dig for records in the crates filling up his shed, the Russian Percussion for not minding us fooling around, Nippon Nik for his original nipple-twisting act + rare Japanese bondage goodies, Nigel Prankster, Pete Yak and Andy Thomas, Richard Ellis (Space Apple Quarktette/Further Out Records), Nick Lawrence (Altered Vibes/Nuevo Ritmo) and Will Quantic for showing us love, Tyler Askew for his friendliness, the boys at Hospital Records for the hospitality (ice creams, sodas and records behind the red door.), Snorre for the 12” (that tune is BIG), Mike at Goya for sorting us out with all the broken beats (will have to play the Champion Soul 12” over and over again until there are no grooves left on the disc), Gav at Disorient Records for digging and releasing our otherwise quite sick remix for Kaori and Schumacher’s Good Life (it is now pressed, make sure you grab a copy if you like your beats twisted), Réka for cooking for us, as well as Laci for not letting Shuriken sleep under the bridge. Special thanks for Simbad for hitting us with the test pressing of Simbad vs Noble Society - Word 2 Da Wise (Whatch Out: Heal - Bubblin’, another much played Simbad production has finally hit the stores. Check it out if you haven’t heard it yet!)

Good people of London beware! We might soon return!

In the last weeks we had a lot of people visiting Budapest too: the flash of Cukipapa’s digital camera still blinds us partially (after making the infamous ”WE LOVE YOU SICK JIMMY!” movie), digital klezmerist Jonathan Walton has just rocked the boat A38 with his band Oi-Va-Voi, Patrick Forge (of Da Lata fame) meshed up the open air place West Balkan with a very exciting Afro-Brasilian influenced nu beat set!

It is also worth to mention the Jungle Jazz festival, held at the Citadella, organised by djs Negro and Suhaid a few weeks ago. Nasty weather kept a lot of people away from this excellent two day event, however, true heads had a great time listening to Fingathing, Marky & XRS and Stamina MC and Kid Loco. Snowboy and the Latin section even managed to heat up the chilly night with hot hot Latin jazz. A quality event despite all difficulties.

Shuriken has also been invited to dj Solid’s Saturday afternoon show on Tilos Radio, and they had a lovely time spinning dusty old records, while Erik Sumo and Keyser have finished a tune (Flying Down) for a forthcoming compilation. It’s the first CSB tune ever, and it’s groovy.

Here comes a reassuring passage for all of you eclectic cats who can’t stick to the same genre, style and tempo for longer than 30 minutes:

”Van Silk: An Africa Bambaataa party was totally different to a Grandmaster Flash party, because Bam played more obscure records. I’ll be honest with you: I hated going to Bam parties. Bam would be playing the break-beats and then would jump off and start playing some reggae, or playing some rock. I was like ”What is Bam doin’?” But Bambaataa’s mind-set was that hip-hop was an open field of music. He’d take an Aerosmith record, ”Walk This Way,” and slow it, or speed it up.

Afrika Bambaataa: It might be slammin’, the people sweating, breaking, everything. And I would just stop in the middle of the thing and throw ”Sweet Georgia Brown,” and then everyody’d just start doing that basketball-type dance. I would tell them ”I want you to take it back to the day when your mama and papa used to dance,” and started playing a lot of ’60s records, and you would see people trying to do the Monkey, the jerk, the Twist, and all these type of dances. So when you came to a Bambaataa party, you had to be progressive-minded and knew that you was going to hear some wierd type of stuff.”

Taken from ”Yes, Yes Y’All. Oral History of Hip Hop’s First Decade” by Jim Fricke and Charle Ahearn” a great book with interviews with the forefathers, brilinat pictures, great design.

Keep on listening to weird stuff until next time!

Keyser, Shuriken & Erik Sumo (Crate Soul Brothers)

Keyser & Shuriken Too Hot List (07/2003)

1. The Dining Rooms - Fluxus - The Cinematix Orchestra mix (Schema)
2. Ramiro Mendes - Angola – Carl Craig & Pepe Bradock mixes (BMG)
3. Chosen 2 - Get On Up (Do Right!)
4. Lakasha - In Love With You (Blackjazz)
5. Butti 49 - Alan Accelerates (HiFi Therapy)
6. Bakura - Reach The Sun (Especial)
7. Kaidi Tatham & Dego - Got Me Puzzled (2000 Black)
8. Champion Soul - The Future of Black Folk (Main Squeeze)
9. Seasons - Juice - Afronaught mix (Nuevo Ritmo)
10. Simbad vs Noble Society - Word 2 Da Wise (white)
11. The Second Whorl - Drop the Bomb - Zka4T feat Dj Tall rmx (Red Salamanda)
12. Lonesome Echo Productions feat. Osunlade - Soul Galactic (Disorient)
13. Benjamin D'Angelis & Urbano Barrera - Q-Tip's Mambo (Skuff 10”)
14. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushing On - Instrumental (Tru Thoughts 7”)
15. 2Day & 2Moro & - Disney On Acid (Omniverse 7”)
16. Phuturistix - Sweet Journey (Hospital 7”)
17. Rosie Brown - Bliss - Quantic remix (Wah Wah cdr)
18. CSB - Flying Down (cdr)
19. Madlib - Shades Of Blue (Blue Note LP)
20. Rima - This World (JCR LP)

Next events:

19. July, Balatonalmádi, Neptun Strand: Bistro Puerto / Keyser with Pipedome and Mesterházy (
26. July, Budapest, Mokka Cuka: Crate Soul Pressure / Keyser with Andreas Kinzl aka DJ Scott (Soulsugar / Vienna) and Lee n’ Gum
31. July, Budapest, Sziget, Tilos Sátor / Keyser, Shuriken & Erik Sumo
1. August, Budapest, A38 / Keyser
8. August, Gorizia, Italy / Keyser with ElectroSacher Cakebeat Collective (
19. August, Balatonalmádi, Neptun Strand: Bistro Puerto / Keyser & Shuriken with Tom Wieland (Les Gammas), Pipedome and Mesterházy (
22. August, Prague, CZ, Akropolis Bar: Eclectica / Keyser & Shuriken with dj Tall

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.07.17. 22-00h)

DJ Keyser in da mix

1. 2Day & 2Moro - Disney On Acid (Omniverse)
2. Angela Bofill - What I Wouldn't Do (For The Love of You) (GRP)
3. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushing On - Instrumental (Tru Thoughts)
4. Herbert Big Band - Misprints (Accidental)
5. Lakasha - In Love With You (Blackjazz)
6. Transporter - Bonnie (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
7. Phuturistix - Sweet Journey (Hospital)
8. The Dining Rooms - Fluxus - The Cinematix Orchestra mix (Schema)
9. Fretless AZM - Facial Expressions (Holistic)
10. The Second Whorl - Drop the Bomb - Zka4T feat Dj Tall rmx (Red Salamanda)
11. Kaidi Tatham & Dego feat. Face - Got Me Puzzled (2020 Black)
12. Izzi Dunn - Fire - Afronaught Nocturnal Dub (Fireworx)
13. Seasons - Juice - Afronaught mix (Nuevo Ritmo)
14. Rima feat. Mark De Clive Lowe & Anna Stubbs - Rivers (JCR)
15.Champion Soul - Future Ways (Mainsqueeze)
16. Masters At Work feat. Wunmi - A Tribute to Fela - accapella (MAW)
17.Clara Hill - Here (Sonar Kollektiv)
18. S-tone Inc. - Revelation (Schema)
19. Kaori - Good Life - Crate Soul Brothers rmx (Disorient)
20. Untitled - Four Flies - Gerd rmx (4Lux)
21. Max 404 - The Circular Ruins (E3)
22. London Elektricity - Fast Soul Music (Hospital)
23. Drumagick - Malandragem (Schema)
24. Mangataot - The Sin and the Fear (Tru Thoughts)
25. The Matthew Herbert Big Band - The Three W's (Accidental)
26. Micatone - Quiet Boy (Sonar Kollektiv)

Hallgass / Listen:

24 kbps ogg stream
96 kbps ogg stream
128 kbps mp3 stream

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.07.10. 22-00h)

DJs: Keyser & Shuriken

1. Robin Kenyatta - Blues For Your Mama (ECM)
2. The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight & You (Az)
3. The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight Groove (20th Century)
4. The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Theme From Together Brothers (20th Century)
5. Zalatnay Sarolta - Ez minden (Pepita)
6. Professor Longhair - Big Chief (Soul Jazz)
7. Gabor Szabo - Hum a Song (Blue Thumb)
8. DJ Vadim feat. Demolition Man - Leaches (Ninja Tune)
9. Five Deez - Got Dough (Counterflow)
10. The Beatnuts - Watch Out (Loud)
11. Jill Scott - Slowly Surely - Theo Parrish mix (white)
12. Ramiro Mendes - Angola - Pepe Bradock Get Down Dub (BMG)
13. Metro Area - Pina (Environ)
14. Dee-Lite - What Is Love? - Holographic Goatee mix (Sampla-delic)
15. Simbad vs Noble Society - Word 2 da Wise (Key)
16. Bugz In The Attic feat. Wunmi - Zombie 2003 (Bitasweet)
17. Kaidi Tatham & Dego - Got Me Puzzled (2000 Black)
18. Randy Craword - Street Life (A Band Apart)
19. Obafunke - Bush Workout (Karmagiraffe)
20. Lonesome Echo Productions feat. Osunlade - Soul Galactic (Disorient)
21. Chosen 2 - Get On Up (Do Right!)
22. Liquid People - Don't You Go Away - Beats (Yellow)
/ Dee-Lite - What Is Love? - acapella (Sampla-delic)
23. Stateless - Bringing Me Down - Agent K inst. (Freerange)
24. Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project - Airto - Modaji Contemporary Beats (CyberOctave)
25. Chris Finguz / Siobhan GAllagher - Why Do We Do (Hospital)
26. Max Sedgley - Two Way (IRMA)
28. Bankos - Demalgon (Kriminal Beats)

Dzsungel dzsessz

Ez lesz ma + holnap.

Holnap egy kompromisszummentes jazz dance szettel kedveskedünk a korán érkezőknek.

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.07.03. 22-00h)

1. Deseő Csaba - Message (Hungaroton)
2. Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground (Atlantic)
3. Herbie Mann - Norwegian Wood (Atlantic)
4. Herbie Mann - Jungle Fantasy (Solid State)
5. Crate Soul Brothers - Flying Down (cdr)
6. Herbie Mann - Samba de Orfeu (Atlantic)
7. Ray Baretto - Espiritu Libre (Fania)
8. Gary Bartz Ntu Troop - Uhuru Sab (Milestone)
9. Art Ensemble of Chicago - Theme de Yoyo (Universal Sound)
10. Champion Soul feat. Karen Gibson-Roc - Future Ways of Black Folk (Main Squeeze)
11. Bugz In The Attic - Zombie 2003 (Bitasweet)
12. Tidal - Up Stream - Lok8 Nocturnal Rub (Disorient)
13. Kaidi Tatham & Dego - Got Me Puzzled (2000 Black)
14. Bakura - Reach The Sun (Especial)
15. Kaori - Good Life - Crate Soul Brothers remix (Disorient)
16. Benjamin D'Angelis & Urbano Barrera - Q-Tip's Mambo (Skuff)
17. 2Day & 2Moro & - Disney On Acid (Omniverse)
18. Styly Cee - All Stylz Anthem (Source)
19. Red Astaire - Follow Me (GAMM)

Flying down to Budapest

Ez csak három lemez abból a nagy halomból, amit a múlt héten szedtünk össze Londonban. Ha szeretnétek hallani, hogy mi van még a tarsolyunkban, hallgassatok bennünket csütörtök este, ahol egy új Crate Soul Brothers számot is lejátszunk (valójában ez az első, ami valaha is elkészült. Ezer hála Ambinak!).

These are three albums from a big bunch that we picked up last week in London. If you are interested what else we have tune in this Thursday at 22h. We will also play a new Crate Soul Brothers tune (actually this is the first we have ever finished. Thanks a lot to the Sumo guy!).