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A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.08.28. 22-00h)

DJs: Keyser & Shuriken

1. Telemark - Dizzy Dancing (cdr)
2. Easy Access Orchestra - Las Chicas - Herbaliser rmx (Irma on Canvas)
3. Jaga Jazzist - Kitty Wu (Ninja Tune)
4. DJ Food - Rubber Samba (Ninja Tune)
5. Bergendy Group - The Right Direction - Crate Soul Brothers re-edit (cdr)
6. Phil Ranelin - Message From The Tribe (Tribe/Hefty)
7. Aflex Combo - Freedom Hill - Alessando Oliveiro's Flux remix (Perfect.Toy)
8. Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin (Mo Wax)
9. Suntools - Moonbeam (Mo Smog)
10. Langroth - Riga (Sunshine Enterprises)
11. Bugge Wesseltoft New Conception of Jazz "Live" - Amiens (Jazzland)
12. Painé - Spontaneous (Gak Sato Mix) (Temposphere)
13. Reel People - Second Guess (Papa)
13. Re:Jazz feat. Kerstin Pfau - Style Dublex Inc. rework (Infracom!)
14. George Benson- El Barrio - Maw Mix (GP)
15. Amorf Ördögök - Tündérdomb - Erik Sumo rmx (Ugar)
16. The Second Whorl - Drop The Bomb - Awesome Wells meets The Ringo Kid rmx (Red Salamandra)
17. Brasstooth feat. A.N.O. - The Yes No Game - The Brasstooth Broken remix (Definitive Funk)
18. Phuturistix - Beautiful - Bugz In The Attic mix (Hospital)
19. Ennio Morricone - Miraggio (MFP)
20. Los Machucambos - Fio Maravilha (Decca)
21. Dorothy Ashby - Action Line (Cadet)
22. Gary McFarland - And I Love Her (Verve)
23. Matthew Herbert Big Band - Misprints (Accidental)
24. Buddy Rich Big Band - Uptight (Pacific Jazz)
25. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - (Daptone)
26. Penery Strycka Homboye feat Ponsa and Azur - Dimenzio K2 (Terrorist!)
27. Crate Soul Brothers - Swinging with Miss Goodnight - Modul remix (Ohm cdr)
28. Coxless Pair - Zakiv - Electrosacher remix (Cosmic Sounds cdr)

Hallgass / Listen:

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A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.08.21. 22-00h)

Tom Wieland "Trans Europa Express" radio show

T.E.E. 9 A summer madness

01. ANTHONY BAGGETE: sumer in the hood (tokyo dawn test)
02. GATURES: concentrate (tuff city rec.)
03. BATTI BAAS: lovin you (bluey mix) (handcuts)
04. PHUTURISTIX: sweet journey (hospital white)
05. ELECTROSACHER: evenings (zeljko kerleta cosmic rmx)(electrosacher)
06. PAOLO FEDREGHINI: please don´t leave (schema)
07. JAZZINHO: yambou (phil asher mix) (eccochamber test)
08. SEQUEL: nr.8 (straight ahead test)
09. ? (kirk de giorgio mix) (life enchancing audio)
10. DOUG+ JEAN CARN: higher ground (black jazz)
11. RAPHAEL SAADIQ: sky´s the limit (yam who´s spiritual mix) (yam)
12. ANTENNA: cold blod (moving)

T.E.E. 9 B inspiration information - summer madness

01. MARCIA GRIFFIN: feel like jumpin (receiver)
02. BYRON LEE + THE DRAGONAIRES: slow run (rca ca)
03. MATUMBI: law of the land (trojan)
04. LABELLE: moonshadow (warner bros)
05. RAY BARRETO: numer uno (atlantic)
06. MON RIVIERA: lluvia con nieve (vaya)
07. PONCHO SANCHEZ: ican (picante)
08. ZAFARI: addis ababa (lerner)
09. JOHNNY + ORQUESTA RODRIGUEZ: african woman (mfp)
10. FREDDIE HUBBARD: neo terra (cbs)
11. DOM MITA: de alegrai raiou o dia (whatmusic)
12. DAZZ: love design (rca)
13. MARY LOU WILLIAMS: play it momma (mary records)

Hallgass / Listen:

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96 kbps ogg stream
128 kbps mp3 stream

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.08.07. 22-00h)

DJ: Shuriken

1. Psyco On Da Bus - Many Questions (Comet)
2. Freddie Hubbard - People Make The World Go Round (CTI)
3. Groover Washington, Jr. - Masterpiece (Kudu)
4. Mos Def - Umi Says (Rawkus)
5. Madlib - Mystic Bounce (Blue Note)
6. DJ Shuriken - Swinging with Miss Goodnight (Modul remix) (Om CD-R)
7. Bankos - Egyszerű (Azur verzió) (CD-R)
8. Arrested Development - Revolution (Chryslis)
9. Gangstarr - Skills (Virgin)
9. Nas - The World Is Yours (Columbia)
10. Danny Breaks - La La La (Alphabet Zoo)
11. Jazzanova -The One-Tet (DJ DSL Remix) (JCR)
12. Mr Scruff & Quantic - It's Dancing Time (True Thoughts)
13. Metro Area - Miura (Source)
14. Marc Collin- Les Kidnappeurs - Main Theme (Jackson remix)
15. The Whitefield Brothers - In The Raw (Soul Fire)
16. Gene Ammons - Crazy Mary (Prestige)
17. Edwin Starr - War (Gordy)
18.DJ Spinna - All Up In It (BBE)/Bankos & NKS - Territorium (Maximum
19. Japan - Its Sounds and People (Columbia)
20. The Detroit Experiment - Midnight at the Twenty Ground (Planet E)
21. Easy Life Natural feat Erik Sumo - Grasshopper (CD-R)
22. Hypnosis fet Mark Frank - My Words (Perfect Toy)

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.07.31. 22-00h)

Tom Wieland "Trans Europa Express" radio show

T.E.E 8 A rough mix

01. DONNIE: cloud 9 (dj spinna mix) (giant step/motown)
02. THE BEATNUTS: ya betta belive it (landspeed rec)
03. MJG: all nite long (fully blown)
04. BUDDA BABOONS: hot butter (AV 8)
05. CLYDE feat CAPITOL A: serve it up (wha chu ku vox mix) (mantis test)
06. ROMANTHONY: bring U up (glasgow underground)
07. ROMATHONY / BUSTA RHYMES: whooha ! (test)
08. NUTMEG: state of mind dub (neroli white)
09. FERTILE GROUND: the moment (seiji mix) (counterpoint test)
10. FRANKIE VALENTINE: moog rock (chari chari mix)(sunshine)
11. KEMETIC JUSTICE: do you remember? (pepe bradock mix) (silver network)
12. JOHN ARNOLD+ AYRO: rough (Ubiquity)
13. HUNDARNA FRAN SODER: psychofox (fauna+flora test)

T.E.E 8 B inspiration information: rough mix

01. JOHN NEPTUNE: bamboo (far east)
02. JORGE DALTO: I´ve got you on my mind (UA)
03. BOLA SETE: brazilian soul (CBS)
04. PRINCE LASHA: kwadwo safari (enja)
05. JAZZ FRIENDS: blues a nova (black gold rec.)
06. BONG PENERA: beat contemplation (CBS phil)
07. HUBERT EAVES: call to awareness (inner city)
08. MICHAEL WHITE: in the silence (listen) (abb)
09. TIME MACHINE: time machine (oval rec.)
10. BERNARD IGHNER: it all goes round+ round (horizon)
11. SCALLYMATIC ORCHESTRA: autumn forest song (flyin high)