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A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.12.25. 22-00h)

DJ: Keyser

1. Roberta Flack - I Told Jesus (Atlantic)
2. Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor (Blue Note)
3. David Axelrod - Warning Talk Part 1 (Capitol)
4. Vesselin Nikolov - Hallelujah (Cosmic Sounds)
5. Electric Prunes - Holy Are You (Reprise)
6. Cannonball Adderley - Psalm 54 (Capitol)
7. Don Sebesky - Psalm 150 (CTI)
8. Two Banks of Four - Blues for Brother (Red Egyptian Jazz)
9. Nostalgia 77 - Rain Walk (Tru Thoughts)
10. TY - Inner Love (Samba) (Big Dada)
11. Alison Crockett - U R - Yam Who remix (Wah Wah)
12. Unison - Break The Lock - Instrumental (Beattown)
13. Easy Life Natural feat. Erik Sumo - Grasshoper (cdr)
14. Crate Soul Brothers - Flyin Down To Rio (Perfect.Toy test)
15. Jerome Richardson - Minor Flute - Panoptikum remix (Cosmic Sounds)
16. Declan Kelly, Richard Campbell & James Cecil - Juan 57 (cdr)
17. Roberta Flack - Tryin Times - Stil Phil Pan African Project mix (cdr)
18. Da Lata - Change (Especial)
19. Buruman - Kep Track - Aardvarck remix (Flyin High)
20. City of God OST - Convite para vida - Difusora remix (Crippled Dick)
21. Flowriders - Different Spaces - Alex Phounzi remix (4Lux)
22. Crate Soul Brothers - Swinging With Miss Goodnight - Panoptikum mix (Ohm)
23. TM Juke - In The Twilight (Tru Thoughts)
24. Omar Perry - Rasta Meditation - Version (Sound Boy)
25. Missy Elliot - I Can't Stand The Rain (bootleg)

Boldog Kareszt!

Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #109: Good Spells for Xmas

Newsflash 24. December 2003

Dear friends,

Another year passed by and although sometimes it seems that it doesn't differ from the previous ones there has been some changes. First of all our radio ( got back its frequency finally and can broadcast again with full power (making waves again and again since then in our small hypocrite country…). We also managed to get a monthly Saturday night at the best venue of Budapest called A38 ( where we already had some guests like Dj Vadim, Poets of Rhythm, Jazzanova, Tom Wieland and Marcel. On mighty DJ Vadim's party we had a full house of almost 800 people rocking to the strictly oldschool funk sounds (check some pictures: just as next night in Vienna's Soulsugar ( Central and Eastern Europe, prepare for more Russian-Hungarian funk-soul invasion next year!

We have continued our smaller nights at Mucsarnok (Art Gallery) - sometimes with less success, but always with a quality lineup including such guys as Enes Haracic (Sarajevo), DJ Spider (Lyon), Chris Goss (London), Richard aka DJ Research (Melbourne) or Karl Injex (Atlanta). Thanks for all of you for visiting and playing all the good music, and once again for Fred/Spider for inviting us to La Marquise, one of the best French club venues! We keep keeping on with Quantic and Mad Mats (you remember "Red Astaire - Follow Me", don't you?) on the next Crate Soul Pressure events.

Musicwise we did not much but a few remixes in (for Arkestra One and for Kaori), and got some nice feedbacks. We just got the test pressing of the first 12" of Uncle Tom Wieland's Eastern European compilation including our first finished tune called "Flyin Down to Rio". In the next months another 12" will be released on Italy's Ohm Records including an older Crate Soul Brothers tune called "Swinging with Miss Goodnight" (actually this was a DJ Shuriken track) with some new Panoptikum and Modul mixes.

That's the sum of the last busy months. For a bit of Christmas magic, read John Corbett's weird encounter with Lee 'Scratch' Perry in a park in Switzerland:

"I spell different. I am the g-n-o-m-e, gome. I don't use bad spells, I make good spells. I make evil spell good spell. I am the gome that come to rob the gnomes with my black comb in Switzerland!" He laughs hysterically. We are walking through a populated picnic area, but I am totally captivated and he is oblivious and on a roll. „With my laser gun in hand and my iron cross in hand, I am the luckies one under the sun. All I do is shake a leg and a lot of money come. Money come out of my jump, money come out of my bass, money come out of my briefcase and money come out of my suitcase. Briefcase of money. Suitcase of money. Carload of money. Shiploads of money. Plane loads of money. I am the money maker, and I am the money taker. I am the money conqueror and I am the money bankerer. I am the music skanter and I come to skank all the wankerers… like the popes and bishops and deacons and elders. Time for them to quit because I'm taking over! 'Achtung, achtung!' mean 'Attention, attention!' I am taking over the eart'! I am an alien from outer space, with my space gun and my iron cross, I don't make fun."

Taken from John Corbett (1994) Extended Play. Sounding off from John Cage to Dr.Funkenstein, London: Duke University Press.

It's time to quit for a while though… Thanks to all our friends, fans and supporters. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Keyser & Shuriken (Crate Soul Brothers)

Keyser & Shuriken chart 12/2003

1. Alison Crockett - U R - Yam Who mix (Wah Wah 12")
2. Ammoncontact - Beat Tape Personalities (Soul Jazz 12")
3. Unison - React:ions EP (Beattown 12")
4. Da Lata - Serious - Seiji remix (Palm Beats 12")
5. I Maniachi Dei Dischi - Smiling Faces EP (Right Tempo 12")
6. Flowriders - Different Spaces - Alex Phountzi remix (4Lux 12")
7. Jerome Richardson - Nicola Conte / Panoptikum remixes (Cosmic Sounds 12")
8. Spiritual South - Green Gold (Afro Art 12")
9. Buruman - Kep Track - Aardvarck remix (Flyin' High 12")
10. Frankie Valentine - Merengada (Spot 12")
11. dZihan & Kamien - Beefy Ballet (Couch 12")
12. Nostalgia 77 - Rain Walk (Tru Thoughts 7")
13. VA - Panorama sampler (Perfect.Toy test)
14. Roberta Flack - Tryin Times - Stil Phil Pan African Project mix (cdr)
15. Jiva - Freefalling (Giant Step cdr)
16. Two Banks of Four - Three Street Worlds (Red Egyptian Jazz LP)
17. Ty - Upwards (Big Dada LP)
18. TM Juke - Maps from the Wilderness (Tru Thoughts LP)
19. Sena - First One (Gimmeshot LP)
20. Gerardo Frisina - Hi Note (Schema LP)

Following events:

31. December, Budapest, Kultiplex: Tilos Szilveszter /Keyser
17. January, Budapest, A38: Sound On Ultra Loud / Rainer Trüby (Compost Records / Freiburg) + Shuriken, Keyser & Erik Sumo
23. January, Budapest, Mucsarnok: Crate Soul Pressure / Quantic (Tru Thoughts / Brighton), Research & Development (Melbourne) + Keyser, Shuriken & Erik Sumo
6. February, Budapest, Mucsarnok: Crate Soul Pressure / Mad Mats (Raw Fusion) + Keyser, Shuriken & Lee'n'gum
7. February, Debrecen (H), Propeller Music Club / Keyser
14. February, Budapest, A38: Sound On Ultra Loud / Nicola Conte (Blue Note) + Keyser, Shuriken & Lee'n'gum
28. February, Budapest, A38 / Café Drechsler (A) live + Keyser
27. March, Budapest, A38: Sound On Ultra Loud / Herbaliser (Ninja Tune) - freestyle dj-set + Keyser & Shuriken

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.12.18. 22-00h)

DJs: Keyser + special guest: Karl Injex (Straight No Chaser, Atlanta)

Listen to the show:
24 kbps ogg stream
96 kbps ogg stream
128 kbps mp3 stream

1. Sena - Politician (Gimmeshot)
2. Marcel feat. Sena - Change Colours Again (Good Looking cdr)
3. Unison - Break The Lock (Instr.) (Beattown)
4. Alison Crockett - U R - Yam Who mix (Wah Wah)
5. Carmel - International Figaro Style (cdr)
6. Alison Crockett - Alive (Wah Wah)
7. Nitin Sawhney - Rainfall - Seiji mix (V2)
8. Just One - ? (Neroli cdr)
9. Roberta Flack - Tryin Times - Stil Phil Pan African Project mix (cdr)
10. Crate Soul Brothers - Flyin Down to Rio (Perfect.Toy test)
11. Gerardo Frisina - On The Edge (Schema)
12. Scallymatic Orchestra - Autumn Forest Song (Flyin High Records)

Trans Europe Express 13 presented by Tom Wieland

1. INNOCENT SORCERERS: walcyk (fluid ounce)
2. SPEECH DEFECT: the breaks seminar pt. 3 (g.a.m.m.)
3. QUANTIC SOUL ORCHESTRA: take you time, change your mind (faze action rmx) (tru thoughts)
4. DE VIBROLUXE: beefy ballet (couch records)
5. ALISON CROCKET: alive (wahwah45 white)
6. IRFANE: just a little lovin´(sonar kollektiv test)
7. CRATE SOUL BROTHERS: flyin down to Rio (perfect toy test)
8. SOUL CENTRAL: strings of life (danny K rmx) (whistlebump)
9. MAX DE CASTRO: a historia de morena (nova vida white)
10. DA LATA: change (quality/ especial test)
11. GERARDO FRISINA: beyond the moon (schema)
12. DA LATA: Petropolis (quality/especial test)

Crate Soul Pressure

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.12.11. 22-00h)

DJs: Keyser & Shuriken

1. Grover Washington Jr. - Blak Frost (Kudu) [we got that gwj fan club goin on, cuki!]
2. Dilated Peoples - Ear Drums Pop (remix) (ABB)
3. Jeru The Damaja - Me or the Papes (Rae and Christian remix) (Payday)
4, De La Soul - View (Instrumental) (Tommyboy)
5. David Muray - Interboogiology (Black Saint)
6. Ramsey Lewis - Cry Baby Cry (Chess)
7. Cee Knowldge - Life... Rhythm... Continuum (Counterflow)
8. Betty Wright _ Cleanup Woman (Alston)
9. Harold Alexandeer - Mama Soul (13 Amp)
10. Prince Buster - Cincnatti Kid (Soul Jazz)
11. J-Live - Satisfied (Coup D' Etat)
12. DJ Cam - Search for Love (Rhythmix)
13. Alison Crockett - Yam Who mx (Wah Wah)
14. Ty - Dreams (Big Dada)
15. Digable Planets - Dog It (?)
16. TM Juke - (Tru Thoughts)
17. Indie & Wich - Vec, Rytmus (Terrorist?)
18. Unison - Break The Lock (Instr.) (Beattown)
19. Capoeira Twins - Four (4X3) (Hope)
20. London Elektricity - Diffferent Drum - Phuturistix mix (Hospital)
21. Declan Kelly, Richard Campbell & James Cecil - Juan 57 (cdr)
22. Rare Earth - Love Shines Down (Rare Earth)
23. A very well known artist live from a CD-R. CD burning destroys music, so don't try this at home, kids.
24. Miles Davis - Freddie Feeloder (CBS)

A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2003.12.04. 22-00h)

Djs: Keyser + Shuriken

1. Alice Coltrane - Blue Nile (Impulse!)
2. Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Research Orchestra - Watusy, Egyptian March (MPS)
3. Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Research Orchestra - Myth Versus Reality (The Myth-Sience Approach) (MPS)
4. Doug Carn - Higher Ground (Black Jazz)
5. RJD2 - Salud (Def Jux)
6. Ammoncontact - Barbeque Plate (Soul Jazz)
7. Dimlite - Generic Io (Sonar Kollektiv)
8. Maga Bo - Tanto Faz - TM Juke mix (Tru Thoughts)
9. Moonstarr feat. Voice - Next Move (PTR)
10. DJ Vadim - Ghetto Rebels - Instr. (Ninja Tune)
11. RJD2 - Smoke and Mirrors (Def Jux)
12. TM Juke - Map 2 (Tru Thoughts)
13. TY - Taking It Back (Big Dada)
14. Gagle - Practice & Tactix (SolJazzmix) (Fuego)
15. Ammoncontact - Stab & Loop (Soul Jazz)
16. Tony Lakatos - Reggae for Quasimodo (Aliso)
17. Da Lata - Distracted Minds (Palm Beats)
18. Fabriano Fuzion - Kosmos (Safran)
19. Ghetto Blaster - Life Goes On (Follow Me)
20. Meshell Ndegeochello - Tears + Sorrow (Red Hot + Riot)
21. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Take Your Time, Change Your
Mind - Faze Action remix (Tru Thoughts)
22. Bakura - Reach The Sky - Domu remix (Especial)
23. Raw Deal - Blues for Brother Jackson (Straight Ahead)
24. Spiritual South - Green Gold (Afro Art)
25. Rima - Let It Go - Titonton & Tejada mix (JCR)
26. Freaks - 80's Throwback (MFF)
27. Bugge Wesseltoft - Cologne (Jazzland)
28. Fabriano Fuzion - Kominike (Safran)

Listen to our show
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96 kbps ogg stream
128 kbps mp3 stream