A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2004.05.20. 22-00h)

1. Jazz Liberatorz - Music Makes The World Go Around (KIF)
2. DJ Vadim - Terrorist (Ninja Tune)
3. The Jackson Five - It's Great To Be Here - extended version (Disco Juice)
4. Bo Diddley - Hey, Jerome (Jugoton)
5. The Vanishing System - Krylon World (Altered Vibes)
6. Crate Soul Brothers - Swinging with Miss Goodnight (Modul remix) (Ohm)
7. Digitek - Cyaan do dat (Zebra Traffic)
8. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Instrumental) (Columbia)
9. Muppet Show OST Vol. 2. - Pigs in S - P - A - C - E (Pye)
10. Rosalia De Souza with Five Corners Quintet - Adriana (Schema)
11. Bosko Petrovic - Moja Balkanska Drama (Jugoton)
12. RSL - Mast (Love Will Be Strong) (Players)

Trans Europa Express 18 the EU + Edition presented by Tom Wieland

1. MOKADI & DUDLEY PERKINS: human natures (perfecttoy test)
2. ELECTRELANE: the valley (too pure)
3. KONSTANTIN PETROSYAN: concerto for voice and orchestra (melodija)
4. MISA BLAM: dobro jutro (Beograd disk)
5. ROUGH + READY: it´s just a joke (perfect toy test)
6. KLASICK: happy dayze (perfect toy)
7. SUN RA:walkin on the moon (Eddy meets Yannah mix) (test)
8. CRATE SOUL BROTHERS: flyin down to Rio (perfect toy)
9. BORIS CARLOFF: first joy (redsalamanda test)
10. ONBEYOND: soul oriental (perfect toy)
11. B.P.CONVENTION: mystery of the blues (jugoton)
12. INNOCENT SORCERERS: gold (perfect toy test)
13. SKALPEL: 1958 (ninja tune)

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