Crate Soul Brothers newsletter #112: Start of something different

Newsflash 10. October 2004

Dear friends,

those who have been regular readers of our newsletters could realise that we sent out our last newsletter months ago. That happened not because we gave up djing or organising events, but because both of us have been heavily worked in our daily jobs as well (no, we are not living from music!).

As lot of you already know I am even more involved in the music business as well as I became artist manager of Marcel (you might know him as Carmel) whose next album comes out on Cookin Records in January. I also manage a young MC girl called Sena who works not only with Marcel and a lot of other talented guys from Hungary but also with DJ Vadim or DJ Spider of Colorblind now. So all these plus managing our own things became so much that I couldn't take care of writing newsletters anymore. Not to mention that the internet is so much filled with spams and viruses now that emailing is much less effective communication channel than it used to be when we started five years ago.

It's been a long time till we decided how to keep things running on. So from now on you'll only get our radio tracklist (but on every week again) and if you are interested what's going on in Budapest you can always check our blog site (we hope we can post some news at least once a month):

Keep up the good work and keep on listening!

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