Sound On Ultra Loud @ A38

Október 15., pénteken, 22 órától az A38 Hajón
Belépő: elővételben 2500 forint, helyszínen 3000 forint
(jegyinformáció: (06 1) 464-3940)

DJ Vadim's One Self (live act - Ninja Tune / UK)
Beat Dis (live act)
Keyser & Shuriken (Crate Soul Brothers)

Akik felléptek:

DJ Vadim
DJ Woody (world itf champion, vestax champion, dmc finalist)
MC Yarah Bravo
Bongo Pete - percussions (arrested development, last poets, de la soul, monty alexander...)

Az új projektről így írt Vadim egy emailben:

"the new group name for the live thing i do is called one self. this is the new name and supercedes the russian percussion which was never a real name i gave it.

so the show on the a38 will be dj vadim presenting his new group - one self. the lp is finished and will be released in february. i am also putting the finishing touches to a totally instrumental lp. i would say its hip hop but i think that is too limiting. it is something like new school downtempo space funk!"

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