A barázdán is csomót! / Crate Soul Brothers radio show (2005.04.28. 22-00h)

DJ Keyser
(full playlist comes soon)

Jazz Orkestar Radio-televizije Beograd - (Cosmic Sounds)
Ion Baciu Jr. - ()
The Drugs feat. Glongo Certein - Mis America - Doctor L rework (Mind Productions)
Los Hermanos Latinos - Las Calenas remix (white)
Cee-Rock "The Fury" - Time To Detonate (!Handzup! Records)

Krizo - ()
Chabz - ()
One Self - Vision of Visions - Fear The Re-Vocal (Ninja Tune)
Ghost feat. - Vices / Verses (Breakin Bread)
J Bless & Seasunz - Long Road (cdr)
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Something That's Real - Nappa mix feat. Life & Mr Thing (Tru Thoughts)
Junior Rankin feat. Demolition Man - Explode - Coobs version ()
Digitek - ()
Dyce - This Is How.../Oooh*Aaah (Blaklyst Music)

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