Crate Soul Radioshow - Black Rhythm Happening

DJ Shuriken

1. Fairuz - Sahretna (Dabké)(EMI)
2. Aura - Wave (Electrecord)
3. Jay Lindh - Loading Ramp (Metronome)
4. Collegiate Neophonic Orchestra - Neophonic Funk (Custom)
5. The Monkey - I Won't Be the Same without Her (Colgems)
6. Rotary Connection - Magical World (Cadet Concept)
7. Titoók János - Költői Tízparancsolat (Electrecord)
8. Les Baxter - The James Bond Theme (GNPS)
9. Yancey Boys - Slippin' (Delicious Vinyl)
10. Rosa King - In the name of Love (Balkanton)
11. Eddie Gale - Black Rhytm Happening (Blue)
12. Tokyo Ukulele Afternoon Club - Tequila (white)
13. Χάρις Αλεξίου - Μη Μου Χαλάς Τα Γούστα (Minos)

DJ Keyser's session of new goodies

DJ Shuriken again
Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir - Nobody Knows (Light in the Attic)
Little Ann - Deep Shadows (Timmion)


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