A barázdán is csomót! / CSB radio show (2006.05.04. 22-00h)

TEE 39A presented by Tom Wieland

1. THE PRIME ELEMENT: en el amanecer del tiempo (trova)
2. THE INVISIBLE SESSION: to the powerful (schema)
3. HARVEY LINDO: tommorow´s world feat Lacks (compost white)
4. TALC: please please me (VA. wahwah 45´s underground hits and exclusive bits cd)
5. LEE MC DONALDS: we´ve only just begun (favourite recordings white)
6. DUBBEN: kollektoren dub (cdr)
7. A-KO: chicago (melting pot music)
8. MUALLEM: shanti dance featuring the droids (compost white)
9. ALIF TREE: forgotten places (moodyman rmx) (compost white)
10. ARTHUR ADAMS: you got the floor (rca)
11. GILBERTO GIL: refazenda (casamena rmx) (cdr)
12. BONGI MAKEBA: don´t do it (pläne)
13. MAKKA DIAMOND: mr. tekk it back (Anaconda rmx) (cdr)
14. PLAGUE THE KID: paaskelyd (bear entertainment)

TEE 39 B inspiration information: WAH WAH special - Simon Goss (www.wahwah45s.com, London)
1. YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED: baby your light is out
2. JUNIOR MANCE: that mellow feeling
3. MARGIE JOSEPH: I been down
4. THE UNIFICS: it´s all over
5. YUSEF LATEEF: jungle plum
6. WILLIE ROSARIO: shining knight
7. JOHNNY BRISTOL: woman, woman
8. DOROTHY MORRISON: top of the mountain
9. THREE SOUNDS: your love is too much
10. GLORIA LYNNE: how did you make me love you
11. ROY MERRIWETHER TRIO: mean greens
12. THREE SOUNDS: do.do.do
13. THE NEW DIRECTION: feeling good
14. JUNIOR MANCE: don´t worry about it
15. YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED: wah wah man
16. JUNIOR PARKER: love ain´t nothing but a business goin on
17. JUNIOR PARKER: I believe to my soul