Soft Sighs. The Lost Ladies of Hungarian Symphonic Pop Soul

Soft Sighs is a 45s mix of the lost ladies of 1970s Hungarian symphonic pop soul. The first new DJ Shuriken mixtape in about 3 years. Diggin on softness and hotness. Breathtaking!

A tribute to the amazing voices of Teréz Harangozó, Márta Szirmai Márta, Eszter Balás, Magdi Bódi, Zsuzsa Cserháti, Klára Balázs, Kati Kovács, Sarolta Zalatnay, Kati Bontovics, Judit Szűcs, Ági Sebestyén, Magdolna Maróti, Marika Késmárky, Zsuzsa Pálffy, Mária Kristóf, and Judit Szűcs. At the same time, it is paying dues to the symphonic dance music for which the groudwork was laid by Tamás P. Balassa who lead the orchestra of the Hungarian Radio as well as songwriters like Máté Victor and groups like M7, Generál, Schöck Együttes, Deák Együttes and so many others.

This territory, often overlooked by diggers for its schmaltzy tones and estrad flavours, showcases amazing arrangements, vocal and compositional talents. Although many of these songs have been featured in whole or part in earlier Budapest Brakecsokkerz mixtapes, this effort is mix to compile in a single mix.

Never mind the tape hiss!