Crate Soul Pressure vs Soulsugar

Szombat este komoly buli vár ránk a Mokka Cukában. Gyertek, ha nem a négy fal között akartok rohadni, hanem a Szigeten a sáskajárás előtt egy utolsó jó kis bulit akartok csapni.

Crate Soul Pressure meets Soulsugar
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Andreas Kinzl aka DJ Scott (Aromabar / Soulsugar)
Keyser (Crate Soul Brothers)
Lee 'n Gum (Tilos)

Itt hallgathattok meg tőle egy régebbi mixet.

DJ Scott aka Andreas Kinzl (member of Aromabar/Telemark):

Working in the Viennese Clubscene since 1989 Andreas Kinzl aka DJ Scott contributed to the town’s unique clubsound flavor by consequently collecting and spinning old and modern Soul, Funk, Afro, Latin- and Brasil-records. His residences at EarthPower, Transglobal, Morgenrot, AmbientSunset and Hot Sauce are legendary going down in a storm and hypnotizing the audiences. Early 1996 he started working on his own productions experimenting in a small studio in the outskirts of Vienna. It was not long after that he founded AROMABAR co-producing with Roland Hackl and Karin Steger. Besides that touring Aromabar live, djing in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Turkey, Netherland and Slovakia and spinning radio shows for various stations in Germany and Austria kept him busy. Right now he is regulary spinning at Soul Sugar which is recently one of the most famous european retroclubs. At the moment he´s working on Aromabar´s third album and of course some new Telemark stuff is finished and will be released soon.

Get yourself connected and listen to:

Damage (XXX-Rec.1997)
Sabor Disco (Free Party/Sony 97)
Telephone (12“Infracom 98)
Yuri in space (7“ Infracom 98)
Where is your moon (12“Infracom 99)
Sparkling beauty (12“Infracom 99)
Conspyration EP with Marschmellows (12“Infracom 99)
One (1st Album-Infracom 99)
Little brother (12“Infracom 99)
Sweetness of Joy (12“Infracom 00/Rank 1 German Clubcharts)
It´s all life (Automatique/Delicious Tunes 01)
Voiceless Messenger/Come Back (12“Infracom 01)
Milk and Honey (2nd Album/Infracom 02)
All I want part 1 (12“Infracom 02)
All I want part 2 (12“Infracom 02)

Trash - Freedom Satellite (Sony/Columbia 99)
Sabor - Hacienda (Infracom 00)
You sure look good to me - Bill Evans feat.Les McCann (ESC Rec.00)
Soul Samba - Freedom Satellite (Vienna Scientists 01)
Smile - Dzihan & Kamien (Couch Rec.01)
Visions of delight - Syncope (Soundlab Ent.02)
Be still my heart - Silje Nergaard (Universal 02)
Once in my life - Carouge (Ecco Chamber 03)

Playground Vol.3 (Ecco Chamber 01)

To learn from you (Ecco Chamber 01)
Mission EP (Pulver Rec.02)